Have You Realize Why Sneaker Are So Expensive?

Uncategorized / 1 May, 2020

Have You Realize Why Sneaker Are So Expensive?

Sneakers are now not just a complement to millennial style. Those who become sneakers or collectors of sneakers can double profits by selling one of their collections. Sneakers can now become an investment item whose price can be many times more expensive than gold.

Research conducted by MyVoucherCodes (a discount coupon site in the UK), revealed that some sneakers can cost much more than gold. In its survey, MyVouchesCodes analyzed 50 pairs of sneakers that were released last year in 2018. Based on the survey, it is known that some sneakers have a selling price of 60 times more than the initial price. One of them is the Nike SB Dunk Low Reese Forbes Denims sneakers which when first released in 2002 cost US $ 65 or around Rp 900 thousand and now the price reaches US $ 4,000

One sneakerhead who has benefited from selling his collection of sneakers is RAN personnel, Rayi Putra. Rayi once had sneakers that had high investment value. The sneakers are Nike Air Yeezy. This shoe brand from Kanye West before collaborating with Adidas, released its first collection with Nike.

“Now, Yeezy and Adidas, Kanye West and Nike, she had Air Yeezy and Nike. At that time I bought a retail price of Rp. 3 million or so, then I sold Rp. 12 million,” said Rayi.

Why sneakers can have a high investment value, even more expensive than gold or diamonds? Rayi said the price of sneakers could soar because of the small number of releases.

“Because for some types of sneakers the number of releases is small, but the demand is very high, so the price is soaring. In addition to the perception factor (hype) formed by social media postings of world celebrities, making more and more people want these shoes,” said musician who once had 150 pairs of sneakers when met by Wolipop in Cilandak, Friday (9/13/2019).

One of the sneakers shop owners in Jakarta, Liando also revealed the same thing. Sneakers whose prices can soar high when the shoes are released in a limited amount or only a certain time. This type of sneakers that Liando has bought is a collaboration of Nike Air Jordan with the Off-White brand. According to him, this Air Jordan 1 Off-White shoe was only released once in 2017.

The same thing was said by Mochamad Arsyadham Lazuardi, founder of the event organizer sneakers bazaar, Indonesia Yesim Project. According to him, sneakers that are increasingly rare make the price more expensive.

“At that time my first sneakers were Adidas Yeezy Black Pirate, which used to be booming, the first start came out if I am not mistaken for turtle black. It started booming really when the retail price was around Rp. 3 million. This Pirate, “said Syadham.

The exclusivity of sneakers also affects the price of sneakers. Like Yeezy sneakers according to Syadham, which are only sold in certain stores.

“So, because there are very few stocks, if Yeezy doesn’t sell Adidas’s distortion, it is only sold in retail stores. Well, so that’s what makes her expensive because of the rate. Because there are so many more comfortable shoes and prices below,” the lid.